The foundation of Thu Huong green tea

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 11

Hello, my friends!

My name is Huong, founder of the Thai Nguyen green tea brand Thu Huong”. And on this fine day, I want to write these words to tell you more about us, Thu Huong green tea.

My hometown lies in the Northern Midlands and Mountainous region of Vietnam, where the warm Cau river gently flows through, and is the bridge between Hanoi and Bac Kan province.

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea

This land where I was born is also famous for its Nui Coc lake, a majestic man-made lake as big as an ocean, which is tied to the ancient legend of the romance between Lady Cong and the poor flutist Coc.

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 1

Perhaps you could already guess where my hometown is? It’s in the lovely highland province of Thai Nguyen, the renowned “cradle of Vietnamese green tea”.

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 2

Thai Nguyen green tea has many characteristics; it has a rich flavor with a slight tartness, a clear green gold color, and a nice aroma of natural green rice. It is the combination of all quintessential things of the land and of nature. Thai Nguyen green tea will give you a fascination that can not be forgotten.

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 3

Born into a poor farmer family, I already had to help my sisters and my parents tend to the farms and gardens at a very young age. My four sisters and I grew up eating bland rice soup and fried cassava leaves. Despite all that, we still stuck together and lived a warm and happy life in the mudbrick house, embraced by the endless love from mom and dad. My home Thai Nguyen is still very poor and undeveloped. But here, people live with humility and great attentiveness to each other.

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 4

Before, my family only grew about 1 hectare of tea. I used to help put firewood in the cookstove so mom or dad could focus on stirring tea leaves in the cast-iron pan. And let me tell you, there is just nothing that could be as hot as that pan! Only recently have we been able to acquire a proper electric tea dryer, which makes the tea drying process much less tiring.

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 5

My childhood slowly passed by, along with the lines of poetry that brought back memories of those days.

Home, is mother’s shadow on the farm

The silhouette of father, hardworking for his fam

Home, from the days of youth

Is the kites dancing above the field.

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 6

After I had grown up, I left my home to look for jobs, hoping to see the world and find myself a new life. I decided to settle down in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, an ever-growing city with many opportunities. It wasn’t easy getting used to the busy city life, and I had to face many challenges, having fallen and had to start over from scratch again and again. But with each failure, I grew stronger, wiser and more confident in myself.

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 7

There is a sad reality that has always troubled me; it is the situation of dirty food spreading in the market, poisoning more and more consumers. Rotting meat products from unhealthy livestocks, fruits spiked with chemicals to boost growth, and numerous similar stories. Green tea is no exception, there has been news about sellers dipping their tea in chemicals to give it a nice smell and attractive color before selling to the market. These greedy sellers have no regard for their customers’ health, they will do anything for profit! After thinking for some time, I decided to bring the traditional green tea products of my family and of my hometown to the market, to serve those who might have a taste for fine tea.

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 8

The first thing I thought about when I founded Thu Huong green tea was how to put the customers first, and only then to profit. For Thu Huong green tea, trust from the customers is the most important thing. That trust comes from the guaranteed great quality of our products along with reasonable prices.

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 9

Thu Huong green tea has only been in business since August 2017, but please pay us a visit and enjoy a cup of tea, you will not be disappointed. Furthermore, when you buy our products, you are also contributing to a better and more prosperous future for the people of Thai Nguyen my home.

Come visit my home

Where hills are covered in tea leaves,

Where you can hear the folks sing

“Don’t go, stay here a bit.”

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 10

Thu Huong green tea guarantees four things

  1. Safe and healthy products compliant with food safety regulations.
  2.  Tea is processed using traditional methods, giving it a distinct flavor and aroma.
  3. Reasonable prices since our products are directly produced and manufactured.
  4. Attentive and hospitable service.

Thu Huong green tea’s price board

The foundation of Thu Huong green tea 11


Tea shop and showroom: 160A  Hoa Bang street – Yen Hoa ward – Cau Giay district – Hanoi

Fanpage: Click here

Phone: 0962 303 555

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